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"Reiki is love, Love is wholeness, Wholeness is balance,

Balance is well being, Well being is freedom from disease."

Mikao Usui (1864-1926)

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At Bennett Energy Healing, we are passionate about helping individuals to create and sustain healthy, thriving lives. We are dedicated to serving those with chronic stress and pain who are dissatisfied with the current options offered by conventional medicine.


We offer a unique combination of complementary medicines that provides natural stress and pain relief while supporting relaxation and healing within the body – Reiki & Aromatherapy.


Unlike prescriptions and other conventional treatments, our services work with your body’s natural rhythms to release stress and heal the root cause of your pain without side effects. Unlike visiting the doctor’s office, our services are conveniently offered in the comfort of your own home.


The purpose of our unique blend of energy work is to enhance the client’s natural healing abilities.


Reiki Treatment



is a Japanese healing practice that works with the body's natural energy and rhythms.


Aromatherapy Oil



is the use of plant extracts and essential oils to improve quality of life.


Reiki Treatment



are conducted in the comfort and convenience of the client's home in order to maximize the therapeutic benefits. Sessions are available to adults, children, partners (romantic and non-romantic), and animals.


Both Reiki and Aromatherapy help to relax the body and mind, thereby supporting the body’s innate healing abilities. In addition, when the two therapies are combined they have a synergistic effect on each other. Both become more powerful!


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Bennett Energy Healing is a convenient mobile practice operating out of San Diego, CA. Our passion is treating chronic pain and stress (both physical and emotional) and helping individuals to lead healthy, happy lives. To learn more about why we’re so passionate about health, check out our About Us page.

While in-person sessions are available in San Diego County, distance sessions are available internationally!


Contact Us to learn more about distance healing.

To hear from some of our clients, visit our Testimonials page.


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