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"Kristynn is an amazing and gifted Reiki teacher/healer.  Her approach to teaching is intuitive, collaborative, thorough and patient.  You can feel that she is genuinely excited and humbled to be on the learning journey with you.  She paced our Reiki I class in a way that was structured, yet flexible, answering all questions along the way, and gently guiding back on topic when needed.  It was such a transformative experience, I immediately wanted to sign up for Reiki II!  I can't recommend Kristynn enough!"

"I would highly recommend Kristynn's services to anyone who is feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and dealing with pain. The Reiki, as well as the aromatherapy, provides a release of tensions, anxieties, and allows feelings of peace and relaxation to return. The oils help ease aches and pains while also uplifting your mood! Kristynn has such a caring, calm presence. She explains all the benefits and describes the process fully. I had never experienced Reiki before, and had no idea how it could make such a change in my overall feelings of well-being, relaxation, and peacefulness. I also appreciate Kristynn's advice in which oils can enhance my health and mood. Excellent service, caring attitude, and down to earth, honest communication. Thank you!"

I am less stressed and less emotional after a session with Kristynn. I feel at peace. My pain is gone.

Kristynn's services have so many benefits: stress relief, calmness, feeling more grounded, and feeling less nervous or anxious. Reiki helps me deal with stress, open up my body for good health and positive wellness choices, and pain relief. Kristynn offers personal 1:1 help, a personal touch, and flexibility of scheduling.

Kristynn is amazing. I felt great during the aromatherapy and reflexology treatment. She opened up my body. This was long overdue. I feel amazing, the best I have felt in years.

The reflexology and aromatherapy treatments help me to feel very relaxed and more in balance.

Since my first session I feel a lot better. I'm not feeling as needy or overwhelmed as before. Anxiety is gone as well. I feel super relaxed and calm.

I feel a lot better after my session. I feel relaxed and I can feel sensation on my feet.

After my sessions I feel awesome, inspired, and relaxed. I feel confident and at ease. I feel focused.

The feelings & benefits I have received from the reflexology, aromatherapy, & Reiki treatments have been tremendous! Over the past few months they have helped me to reduce my stress level & provided me with total relaxation. The [treatments] have helped me with my arthritis & emotional well-being. My posture & breathing have improved. I am now aware of how important balance is in order for me to have a healthy lifestyle as I age.

Reiki helps me to feel relaxed & relieves my pain. During my sessions I feel warm, loved, & relaxed. I end my sessions feeling wonderful, totally relaxed, & in tune with my body.

I felt really nervous at first but very relaxed midway through my treatment & when finished I felt more centered.

I have truly felt my spirits lift and my frustrations and negativity leave my body.

Reiki makes me feel warm and loving and cozy.

Reiki has provided me with unbelievable benefits. I have numerous auto-immune & other health conditions. Less than a year ago I was in pain all the time, couldn't breathe, and wanted to just end it all. Reiki helped me manage my emotions first so that I could deal with the pain. Now I live more days WITHOUT pain than with pain. Reiki saved my life.

I cannot fully describe the benefits that Reiki has given me. I have many chronic health conditions and recently my doctors were talking to me about removing organs. I lost my job due to medical disability. Less than 2 months into my Reiki treatments, my health conditions improved to the point where my doctors no longer considered organ removal a valid option! I'm on fewer pain medications now and I'm able to work part time again.

This [partner session] was exactly what we needed! Our individual needs were addressed as well as the relationship needs. It was an eye opening experience. I was feeling stuck in my head and the partner session helped to release and balance the energy into my body. It also helped me connect to [my partner] in a way we have never connected before. I think I was afraid to trust her, and I'm not sure why. The session removed my worries and I felt like we were completely connected.

I didn't know what to expect with a partner energy session, but I ended up loving it. It helped with my own problems, [my partner]'s problems, and our relationship issues. I've been feeling sick for the last day and I feel a huge relief after my session. My pain and discomfort are gone. I feel connected to [my partner] in a way that we have never connected before. This is going to take our relationship to a whole new level!

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