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Reiki is a healing practice that originates in Japan. The literal translation is “universal life force energy.” During a Reiki session, the practitioner channels the energy of the universe into the client, activating the body’s natural healing processes and restoring physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. This is usually done by means of touch, although energy may be channeled across distances.

According to Albert Einstein's theory, "All matter, animate or inanimate, is energy in motion." We are all creatures of energy, vibrating at different frequencies, and our health and well-being depend upon our energy levels.

Reiki raises our energy vibration and in doing so activates the body's natural healing processes, allowing the individual to begin to heal themselves.


Energy sessions are conducted fully clothed, over or under sheets. Energy sessions have been shown to improve the health and well-being of adults, children, and animals.

Reiki has been shown to:

• Reduce stress and promote relaxation

• Trigger the body’s natural healing abilities

• Bring about inner peace and harmony

• Support spiritual growth

• Balance the mind and emotions

• Enhance learning, memory, and mental clarity

• Provide relief from physical and emotional pain

• Alleviate mood swings, fear, frustration, and even anger

• Offer relief during emotional stress and sorrow

• Relieve acute and chronic pain (migraine, arthritis, auto-immune disease – just to name a few)

• Support healthy sleep patterns and reduce symptoms of insomnia

• Speed up recovery from surgery or long term illnesses

• Help reduce side effects of medications or procedures such as chemotherapy

• Improve overall health

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